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Rudy's Country Store

W.R. Rudy’s Country Store & Drugstore Museum

Where quality meets community. Taste tradition, shop local, and savor the heart of rural charm!

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Come back with us to the late 1800's. To the days of the horse and buggy, steam locomotives, and, of course, the local general store. The museum's shelves abound with the original products that this small farming and railroad community depended upon. A vast collection of wares displayed in vintage store counters, curved glass showcases and colorful wooden bins await your custom. Just inside, visit a soda fountain of the period with it's tempting delights. Step up to the 1890's drug counter where W.R. Rudy hand crafts every prescription. Our candy section recreates every child's dream and gives reason to beg Mom and Dad for a trip off of the farm just to stick their hand in a candy jar. Let the historic gas and oil lamps light your way into this warm and cozy atmosphere.


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